Hello Kitty Con: Things to Love at Hello Kitty Convention Part 2

This is part 2 of our post on Things to Love at the Hello Kitty Con, click HERE to read Part 1.

11. First-ever Hello Kitty Coin Purse & Giant Coin Purse

Encased in the glass is the original Hello Kitty coin purse. I grew up with one. Outside is a bigger version and you can also purchase a replica.

12. Hello Kitty Apple

I got to bring home a Hello Kitty Apple. I’m just staring at it. I don’t have the heart to bite into such a beautiful fruit. It’s pretty cool. Cinderella or even Adam wouldn’t have bitten the apple if it had Hello Kitty in it. Maybe, just maybe. Lol.

13. Hello Kitty Beauty by Sephora

They have Hello Kitty Makeup at the Hello Kitty Con. And you can have your makeup done for free by Sephora staff or purchase a set to bring home. Check out the blinged out Hello Kitty mirror while you’re there, available for purchase as well.

14. Hello Kitty Vintage Shoppe

Check out the Vintage store and you’ll find some of the things you may have seen in your childhood. I remember the Hello Kitty phone. The best part is you can purchase them. I wasn’t able to check the price tag. But if you’re a collector. It’s an awesome place to immerse yourself in, just don’t run over the vintage Hello Kitty bike.


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15. Hello Kitty Con Dresses on Display 

A few designers created Hello Kitty Gowns, dresses, and shoes. Some of the models even modeled it themselves. You’d probably wanna check it out and get inspired to wear one to the next Hello Kitty Con. Below is my favorite. Can you see Hello Kitty?

16. Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt

11 food venues are participating in the Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt(outside the event place) to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary. Check out the list below and happy hunting. From Hello Kitty Pizza to Hello Kitty Sundae. You’ll even get a pin with it. It’s available until November 21st. (Mahalia, are you reading this, when are we going?)

17. Hello Kitty Carnival Games
You can play Hello Kitty games and win items. It’s not a huge area, but it’s fun. There’s also a money machine. Always wanted to be inside one, Hello Kitty Con made it possible.

 18. Celebrities at the Hello Kitty Con
We’re not the only ones visiting the Hello Kitty Con. Katy Perry went today. And last night, we got to take a picture with Eric Estrada.

19. Playing Pretend
From tea sets to latte cups. You’re never to old to play. Hello Kitty Con brought out the kid in us. Or maybe we just never outgrew our fascination with Hello Kitty, whom we learned this year is actually not a cat but a girl. The toys are for sale. We played with it first.

20. Hello Kitty ATM and Cellphone Charging Stations
My cel almost died on me. Thank goodness they have cellphone chargers. They literally have everything at the Hello Kitty Con. And I don’t mind if they let me stay there forever. Lol.

There are a lot more activities at Hello Kitty Con that I wasn’t able to partake in like the lectures and workshops as they didn’t have it at yesterdays’ media preview. I did, however, took home an awesome swag bag and an even bigger love for Hello Kitty.

I look forward to next year’s Hello Kitty Con and I’m gonna make sure to stay at the official Hello Kitty Hotel, as I’ve found out it’s decorated in Hello Kitty as well, and you get to take home all the Hello Kitty items in your room.


For those looking for Hello Kitty Con tickets, sorry to inform you that it’s all sold out. We’ll let you know when there’s another one, so stay tuned.

Hello Kitty Fans from all over the world, thanks for stopping bye.

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