Show Review: Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic at Long Beach Arena

We were invited to see Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic the other night and the show was simply spectacular. I’d have to say 100 Years of Magic is the best production of Disney on Ice I’ve seen to date. I love the fact that there were so many Disney characters in this show; all the famous Disney songs highlighted in every performance; the “It’s a Small World” part of the show; The Incredibles dancing to “I’m too Sexy” and more.

Every part was short and good that there was no dull moment. It’s nice that they featured many stories because usually it’s just 3 Disney Stories. I was actually shock during intermission at how much was already presented to think we were only half way through the show. Check out Mickey Mouse above riding the flying hot air balloon.


You’ll see a lot of genies here.
The crowd started laughing when Mr. Incredible started dancing to “I’m too sexy..” It’s hilarious.
The crowd was also invited to stand up and march with the marching band. And you’ll love all the Disney Princess as each one came out to skate with their respective Prince.

The show was so great, that this is the first Disney on Ice show I’ve been to where you can really feel the crowd cheering the whole time. The whole Long Beach Arena was alive. I was giddy inside; my sister in law was teary eyed; and my daughter and niece was glued and clapping in between those sticky fingers from cotton candy! It was an amazing show making it an amazing night for us and the kids.


See Donald Duck on the Zamboni.



The “It’s A Small World” part of the show got everybody captivated. I actually took 398 photos and it took me a whole day to pick 11 to share with you. So there’s a lot more characters you’ll see at the show that I couldn’t fit in here. From Pinocchio to Nemo to everything in between. You’ll also see fireworks, light monograms and snow. And all this little kids wearing their princess costume of choice. Mine went as Cinderella. She didn’t leave her glass slippers for sure, but instead came home with leftover popcorn, cotton candy & lemonade on a Disney on Ice tumbler and a huge smile on her face.

If you haven’t seen 100 Years of Magic, I insist that you watch it, Disney on Ice will still be performing at Long Beach Arena til this weekend. Check here for dates and times of the show and how to get tickets. I promise you’ll love it. Imagine seeing 65 of Disney’s characters from 18 Disney stories come to life.


And go early so you can peruse through some of the Disney merchandise. I wasn’t able to get those cute Beauty & the Beast Chip Teacup that I really like. Bummer Bummer. I should have bought it when I saw it.


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Disclosure: We received tickets to see this show. All opinions are my own.