Suites and Lazy River at Tahiti Village Resort

We spent 3 days in Tahiti – not the Island, but the resort in Las Vegas called Tahiti Village Resort and we had such a relaxing time.

It was a different trip compared to our past Vegas trips. This one was more relaxed. Away from the hustle and bustle of the busy strip and the smelly casinos. As if we actually went to an Island, but we’re actually just at the very end of the Vegas Strip – close enough if we wanna get in on the action or the Vegas buffets.


We got to Vegas by noon but check in was not until 4 PM at Tahiti Village so we headed to Bacchanal buffet at Ceasars Palace for lunch before heading to the hotel.

We got the 1 Bedroom Moorea Suite and it was big enough for our daughter to run around as we settle in for a nap. The bed was comfy and we were all knocked out. Well, that’s either due to the bed or coz’ we ate too much or both.


Since it’s summer, and Vegas was like 98-105 degrees, we waited till 6 PM before heading to the pool. There were 2 pools, the lazy river and the standard pool with sand on one end for the kids as if they are on the beach. And there’s also 24-hour hot tubs.

None of the pools went beyond 4 feet deep so it’s really for the kids. And there were lifeguards everywhere. Almost too much but I’m not complaining.

The pools were gated and you can’t bring food nor drinks although you can buy them there. We had such a fun and relaxing time with our daughter who was swimming and singing Ariel’s(The Little Mermaid) song at the same time.

We always headed out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and didn’t try the resort’s restaurant. It’s such easy access to the freeway and we’re in Chinatown in no time. I got my dim sum and avocado shake cravings out of the way while we were there.

Heaven! It’s been an eat, swim, sleep type of vacation.

Tahiti Village Resort is a timeshare resort located between Las Vegas Airport and the Las Vegas Premium Outlet. You can pretty much fly there – go swimming then go shopping next door, what more can you ask for.

There’s also an activity room with a pool table and game boards, a spa, barbeque area, a wedding hall, 2 workout rooms and lots of other activities you can participate in.


We had a pleasant stay at Tahiti Village in Vegas. It’s highly suited for families with small children. We’d go back and stay there again as long as it’s not a bachelorette party I’m attending. LOL!


It’s been great Vegas! But I’m also happy to be back in the LA weather and away from the calorie-laden tempting buffets – at least for now!




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