Chef Guy Fieri’s Burger Joint is a Yummy Addition to Carnival Cruise

We thought we know Carnival Cruise too well coz’ they don’t really change much. The same food, the same layout. We can pretty much close our eyes and walk (or smell) our way up to the buffet. No, not really, but you know what I mean. Not that we’re complaining, we love it and keep going back. But our recent trip with Carnival Inspiration surprised us with the yummy addition of Guy’s Burger Joint and Blue Iguna Cantina.

Carnival Cruise already has a burger grilling area at the Lido deck (pool deck) for as long as we’ve been cruising. And it’s usually the first thing the hubby grabs when we board Carnival. But this time around, as we exited unto the Lido deck, we were like, woah, what happened here? The outdoor grilling area has been all updated to have a burger joint and a taco bar.


They change the burger area to Guy’s Burger Joint and the omelet station or Mongolian station to a taco/burrito bar. Hubby lined up and got his burger. He left it at the table to get stuff for the kids. I stood up and took pictures of his food and grab his fries. By the time he got back, it’s like nothing happened. I should have bit into his burger though coz’ I found out it was made of bacon patty. Bacon patty? He said it was really good. But too late, he ate it all up. All I can do was stare at the picture I took to figure how good it was. I thought to myself I’ll try it the next day coz’ we still have sit down dinner that night.

When I finally got to try it the next day, I figured we do not have enough days aboard Carnival Inspiration for me to grab another one of these burgers since there’s still tons of things I love to eat like their pastrami sandwich at the deli.


The burger was really good. It had this crispy edge that I found really delicious yet still moist on the inside. And not only is it good by itself but the seasoned fries that came with it was really addicting too. The kids kept going back for those. And to top it up a notch, they even have a toppings bar where you can grab sautéed onions, mushrooms, crispy bacon and all the different sauces you’d want with it.


Thumbs up to Carnival Cruise for adding a better burger joint. I’ll share their burrito/taco bar next.


Both of this dining updates are only available on 11 Canival Cruise ships which includes Carnival Liberty, Carnival Conquest, Carnival Glory, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Triumph, Carnival Sunshine, Carnival Pride, Carnival Breeze, Carnival Magic, Carnival Fantasy, Carnival Inspiration (the one we boarded),  and their new ship which will debut this May 2016, Carnival Vista.

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