40 Useful Things to Pack for a Cruise + Free Printable

Going on a cruise soon? Here are 40 useful things to pack for a cruise on top of your usual travel essentials. Also, download the Free Printable Cruise Packing List!


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40 Useful Things to Pack for a Cruise:

updated: it’s 46 now!

1. Laundry Bag – let’s not mix those clean clothes & dirty (especially wet from the pool) clothes. Get a meshed laundry bag or a drawstring laundry bag to just throw everything in. The backpack laundry bag is a good idea for long cruises.

2. Nausea Wristband – I used this during the first trimester of my pregnancy and we were on a cruise. I believed it worked in keeping my morning sickness at bay.

3. Motion Sickness Medication – a must bring for first time cruisers who may need getting used to the boat on the first day. Bring a non-drowsy for adults and another suitable for kids.

4. Over-the-door shoe organizer – not to be used for shoes but great for storing toiletries, medicine, and accessories since countertop space is limited in a cruise cabin.

5. Magnetic hooks – Cruise cabin walls are made of metal. Use magnetic hooks for hanging backpacks, jackets, towels, swimsuits, hats, etc.

6. Waterproof phone case – a must bring! You’ll be taking your phone at the pool deck, riding boats, playing in the beach. Protect your phone while enjoying water activities.

7. Insulated water bottle – We bring this brand, it’s easier to clean. It keeps cold drinks cool for 24 hours or hot drinks for 12 hours. Bring one per person. You can fill it with water or even drinks so you can bring it to your room, by the pool, or when going to a port.

8. Highlighter – You will be provided with a daily newsletter of cruise activities. Highlight the activities you’re interested in so you don’t keep going through the whole newsletter to find them.

9. Lanyards – a cruise card will be provided to each passenger. It will serve as your room key and to charge anything you wish to purchase on board. Keep your cards safe and easily accessible with a lanyard.

10. Power banks – take a power bank when you’re going on a shore excursion so you don’t run out of phone battery.

11. Power strip – Cruise cabins have limited electrical outlets. There may only be one actually, so bring this so you can plug in multiple devices.

12. Ziplock Bags (various sizes) – Handy for packing toys, extra clothes and snacks for shore excursions, keeping liquids contained, and packing wet clothes in the night before the cruise ends.

13. Waterproof Shoe Bag – keep your clothes clean when packing with a waterproof case for your shoes.

14. Compact Beach Blanket – if you’re going to the beach during your shore excursion, this will be very handy and light.

15. Roll-Up Compression Bags – You can pack more if you vacuum pack your clothes. Hubby used them during our Europe trip and I finally gave it a try during our Orlando trip and it’s amazing.

16. Beach chair towel clips – It can get windy at the pool deck. Keep your towels in place on your chaise lounge with towel clips.

17. Water-resistant Spray Sunscreen – Spray sunscreen is easier to apply for that impromptu trip to the pool.

18. Sun hat  – I’ve experienced getting my scalp sunburnt during a trip to the theme park. Never again! I always bring a hat now. If possible, bring one with a string so you don’t have to keep holding it when it is windy.

19. Mosquito Repellent Bracelets – bring with you during shore excursions to be safe from mosquito bites.

20. Waterproof Dry Bag – great for shore excursions that involve water, it will keep your clothes and gadgets dry.

21. Mini Sewing Kit – your button fell off, your pants all off a sudden got a hole. What? Well, bring a kit just in case. You may have been partying to hard. LOL!

22. Wrinkle Releaser – You packed as much as you could and now your clothes are wrinkled. Skip the ironing if you can with this wrinkle releaser.

23. Post-It Notes – Leave notes in your room that you went to the gym while the family is still asleep or use it as a bookmark.

24. Walkie-talkies – Communicate with your other family members during a family reunion cruise without purchasing the cruise phone connection package so you can all find each other easily. Just make sure to check with your particular cruise line if they allow it as some do not.

25. Clothespins – Hang wet items up in the shower or use it to pinch the curtains closed when you wish to sleep in during the daytime unless you have a no-window cabin.

26. Bathroom spray – after all that eating and you only have one toilet in your cruise cabin? You get the idea?

27. Directional Sensor Night Light – we bring this to every hotel stay now for those bathroom trips at night. It’s also directional so you can turn it to the ground.

28. Antibacterial Wipes or Baby wipes – wipe down the table in your cabin, the TV remote, the kids sandy feet, their hand before they eat, etc.

29. Luggage tags – Instead of stapling those paper luggage tags you’ll be printing at home, use this luggage tags so those paper tags won’t fall off during boarding & while inside the cabin.

30. Phone earphones – so you can continue to watch your movie from your phone while the rest in your cabin sleeps.

31. Packing Cubes – easily access everything if you organized them properly in your luggage using cubes.

32. Waterproof Bandages – either you got hurt before a cruise or during a shore excursion, this bandages will come in handy so you can continue enjoying the pool or the beach.

33. Smallest Folding Stroller – if you’re traveling with young ones, this is very handy not only in going through port x-rays but also in storing it your tiny cabin.

34. Binoculars – a must for an Alaskan cruise and other wildlife-heavy itineraries.

35. Poncho – a great must have in case it starts raining during a shore excursion.

36. Compact Shopping Bag – keep it with you during a shore excursion in case you suddenly have the urge to go shopping. This came in handy when our cruise docked in San Francisco. It’s also helpful when you have kids so you can easily stow all their toys once it’s time to go and you can’t seem to pack everything back in your carry-on.

37. Instant Stain Remover Pen – got a stain with all that eating while on a cruise, manage it without laundering with this pen.

38. Medicine Pill Box Organizer – what day is it? what time is it? It’s hard to remember if you’ve taken your medicine while having all that fun. Keep it organize with a pill box.

39. Toothbrush Suction Hook – use a suction to hold your toothbrush by the mirror unless you have those standing toothbrush with a suction on the bottom. You can also use this on the shower to hold your loofah.

40. Travel Toys & Activity Kits – when you cruise with toddlers, having an activity kit before your meal is served during sit-down dinner is a lifesaver. Trust me on this!

41. iphone/DSLR tripod with remote – I’m buying this one coz it has a remote and can hold both my DSLR and iPhone. It can work great for taking a picture of my family where I’m actually in the picture (haha) as well and it also works for taking night shots when I can my DSLR to be on manual mode – you’ll understand this if you’re a photographer.

42. Selfie stick – if you love taking selfies and don’t wanna bother other passengers, bring a selfie stick. You get to take more with the huge ship as your background especially when traveling as a group.

43. Sunglasses – some classic Ray-ban would be great. Sunglasses are a must bring – you’ll be needing it both on the pool deck and during shore excursions.

44. Snorkel – Bring your own if you intend to snorkel during your shore excursion so you don’t need to rent a used one. This one gives you a 180-degree view plus it doesn’t fog up and you can even mount a GoPro.

45. Camera Float – Strap your waterproof camera to this float that you can easily slip onto your wrist so you don’t risk losing your camera when swimming on snorkeling in the ocean.

46. Sleep Mask – You’re ready to sleep or take a nap but everyone else still wants to watch TV? I make sure to bring a sleep mask whenever we travel.

47. Fanny Pack – Whether on board the cruise line or on a shore excursion, a fanny pack that can be used as a crossbody is a great way to walk around while keeping your personal belongings with you all the time. This is personally what I use daily, the straps can be adjusted so I used it as a crossbody a lot. If you want a better brand, you can get the Lululemon brand.

48. Money Belt – If you are going on a shore excursion and you are worried about the safety of your passport, wallet, and phone, get a hidden money belt to keep your phone and wallet secure.

49. Water Shoes – If you’re going on a shore excursion and you’re headed to the beach, bring your water shoes. This is the exact same one I have and I love the design and fit. Whethere the sand is hot or the beach is rocky, this is perfect.

50. Long Phone Charging Cable – Since there is usually only one outlet inside your cruise cabin, you may want to bring a really long phone charging cable so you can still use your phone when you’re in bed or on the other side of the room away from the outlet.


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