Ghost Town Alive: Knotts Berry Farm

Now through September 4, you can take part in an immersive, live action event as Ghost Town Alive! returns to Knott’s Berry Farm for another action-packed summer complete with bandits, cowboys, robberies, judges, a good ol’ western hoedown, and much more!


Visit Ghost Town at Knott’s Berry Farm and experience an authentic western adventure by becoming a star in this summer’s story of the Wild West, where the power to unlock adventures is in the hands of every guest.

The whole Ghost Town area is a great photo backdrop so make sure to dress the part. The kids obviously didn’t and it’s a missed opportunity to look the part. They still looked cute though.


 offers guests a firsthand experience to play an important part in this unfolding story of the old wild west, with specific tasks giving you an essential role as an honorary citizen of Calico. Not only will you have an opportunity to take part in the story, YOU WILL have influence on how the story takes shape.

The story continues a year after the notorious Mayfield Gang escaped the custody of Sheriff Wheeler. Well the Mayfield’s are back, and they need YOUR help in reclaiming their town during the Annual Founder’s Day Celebration! Will you become a town deputy and help Sheriff Wheeler capture the Mayfield’s or will you help the May Field’s escape again?

Visit the different stores at Calico Town to interact with characters. You can be handed tasks like bringing a package to the Post Office and even get a mustache at the Artistic Tonsorual Saloon. Don’t forget to visit the City Hall to be sworn in as an honorary citizen of Calico.



Do as little or as much as you want. Check out all our pictures below and be sure not to miss the two shows this summer at Knott’s Berry Farm: Snoopy’s Magnificent Magical Review (indoor) and the Circus of Wonders (outdoors). Check the daily showtimes so you don’t miss either one. And head back to Calico Park for a Hoedown at 5:30PM.




During our time of visit, there were 3 showtimes for Snoopy’s Magnificent Magical Revue at Charles M. Schulz Theater located at the back left of Knott’s Berry Farm. I would suggest getting an early lunch, around 11Am to avoid the lunch crowd then ride the interactive 3D ride – Iron Reef (our favorite) after. Then head to the theater for the 130PM show (check showtime). This is the best time to see the show so you can stay indoors during the peak of the summer heat.



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