Magal BBQ Las Vegas: Korean BBQ

Have you ever come out of a restaurant too full you’d never want to stuff yourself silly like that again? But then, what you ate was so good that on the back of your mind, you know you’re going to revisit the place again? This was our experience at Magal BBQ in Las Vegas and it’s not even an eat-all-you-can Korean restaurant. It was so good that I don’t think I’ll ever visit Las Vegas again without eating there.

There are so many Korean restaurants in Las Vegas. It’s actually hard to figure which one to visit. I’m so glad we stumbled upon Magal BBQ with the help of Yelp. I didn’t have time to read through reviews and just picked out a name and drove there. Good thing we got there early before the dinner crowd arrived as there was a long line after we got seated.

We ordered a set meal that was good for two to share between me and the hubby and the kids. It all came down to only $60 and there was so much food.

The set meal came with 4 types of meat plus shrimp. I love how the grill has a side that cooks egg souffle and corn plus a side where you can put the meat that’s already ready so you don’t have to crowd your plate when you’re not ready for more cooked meat yet.

The variety of banchan and the salad served before our meal were not my favorite but everything else was, from the meat to the most flavorful grilled shrimp there was down to the dipping sauce. Even the youngest came asking for more meat and dipping sauce. The sushi style meat torched tableside was a nice touch as well. It was part of the set we ordered.

Another nice thing about Magal BBQ is that the servers helped you cooked your meat for you. Seriously, what I thought was already cooked was not cook to them and vice versa. They know their meats better and I just happily let them cook for me so I can enjoy my meal.

They also served cold huckleberry tea and we loved it. The kids didn’t but that’s fine.

We were looking for dessert and I guess they served everyone a Patbingsu to share which was complimentary and pretty good. A nice ending to our meal.

Magal BBQ is a chain all over the world but it tasted really good as though it was a stand-alone restaurant. Hubby said if someone punched our tummies when we got out of the restaurant to try to steal our money we would probably just give in without a fight. That’s how full we were that we can no longer move. Next time we’d have to bring more people so we can share the meal and not overly stuffed ourselves.

I honestly want to go back to Vegas right now to punish myself again though, haha, that’s how much I enjoyed it.

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