Our Experience at Chill Queen Mary Long Beach

Update: Queen Mary Chill has been replaced by Queen Mary Christmas, get your discount tickets to attend the event.

Chill at the Queen Mary in Long Beach will officially open today. We got a sneak peak of it at last night’s media preview and it was such a fun place to take the family. A feast for the eyes and the tummy. There are lots of activities all rolled into one place.


If you’re thinking of going to a holiday themed place this season for photo opportunities and fun. This is the place to go. I actually wanna go back while my daughter never really wanna leave last night. Lol.

Here’s what we saw at last night’s media preview of Chill that you should try when you visit:

1. Candy Candy Lane.(Love the huge cupcake). Tons of huge candies. We took tons of pictures here. 


2. There’s a huge snowman bounce house. We didn’t go near it coz’ my daughter might not let us go home. Haha. 
3. Ride the Bucking Reindeer.

4. Ride the World’s Largest Rocking Horse. It’s being manually rock. I thought my daughter would get scared..she loved it.. I’m the one who got scared. Haha.


5. There’s a lifesize inflated Snow Globe where kids can play in snow. I honestly wanna be the one inside. But the kids might give me the look. There’s a long line to this one.


6. Go ice skating with the Queen Mary Ship as your backdrop. Magical to say the least!

7. Take pictures inside Santa’s cabin, look for the elves, toy soldiers, and the cute gingerbread man might be on the loose somewhere. Pictures! Pictures!






8. There’s a tent where you can build gingerbread houses. They didn’t have it last night. But  I’d love to go back and build it with my daughter. I believe it’s at an additional cost.

9. Now you’ve been rocked. Time to get some grub, if you haven’t. There’s pizza, hotdogs and sausages, sliders, fries, gelato, kettle popcorn, mini donuts, caramel apple and a whole lot more. There’s alcohol too. It’s like  we’re at the OC Fair once again.




10. Now you’re done with the outside activities. Head to the Ice Kingdom inside the Cruise Terminal. Tons of ice carved into the story of the Nutcracker. There’s a also a Queen Mary Ship in Ice and a slide made entirely of ice. They will lend you a parka as it is very chilly inside. I suggest bringing a scarf to cover your face. So your nose don’t turn Rudolph before Christmas.








11. Next to the Ice Kingdom is the Glacier Glide. Go Ice Tubing. Race with your love one on this one!
Hopefully I didn’t miss anything. But if we did, that’s for you to discover and let us know. Oh.. And people are asking. Is the Chill located at the Queen Mary Ship? No, it’s actually all in front of it beside the parking lot. While the Ice Kingdom and Ice Tubing is inside the Carnival Cruise Terminal Structure just next to all the outdoor activities.


Hope you have a great time on your visit like we did.Enjoy your turkey this Thanksgiving! Ciao!

disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. We were invited to preview Chill on Media Night. This post may contain affiliate links.


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