Circus Circus Las Vegas Adventurdome and Carnival games

Our recent trip to Vegas has made me realized that every trip to Vegas has evolved over the years. When I was younger, it was hotel hopping with my parents. Then partying with my single cousins before we each all got married. To dining out and watching shows with the hubby, pre-kids time that is. And then now – with 2 kids, it’s long naps and looking for Fun Things to do in Las Vegas with Kids.


We stayed at Tahiti Village during our summer trip this year but since we couldn’t use their lazy river pool this time of the year.

We opted to stay at Circus Circus Hotel to take advantage of Adventurdome, Carnival games, and Free Circus Acts that the hotel has to offer.

Well, that and the easily accessible Krispy Kreme Doughnut from the lobby. Lol. The rooms had been renovated and are all modern now in spite of that old exterior.

I think if I’m a kid, I never ever want to get out of the Circus Circus Hotel because of the carnival games. Well, coz’ even as an adult I had so much fun playing there. Especially the chicken in a pot game in which we never won! Geez!!! But it’s just so much fun.

You try to hit this apparatus with a heavy hammer and the chicken just flies off and hopefully lands inside the pot. Mine didn’t even reach the table for the most part. But you just wanna keep doing it. Haha.

My daughter took home 3 stuffed toys. One, we won from the fishing game where you try to pull a red puck that’s swimming with a bunch of yellow puck around flowing water. Easy breezy. But when the hubby tried the throw game where you try to knock off 3 bottles, we didn’t win once again. Lol.

Some of the games were easy but the prizes weren’t enticing enough. My favorite prize is from this water gun race game.

It’s all cute Sanrio stuffed toys up for grab. My husband and I just competed with each other so we can take home one of the cute Hello Kitty prizes. We took home the purple Hello Kitty. Yey!

There are free circus acts and we were able to see the trapeze act one evening.

I’ve been to both Barnum and Bailey Circus and Circus Vargas and I’d say this act was pretty impressive.

The act didn’t even use any harness and she was just swinging so high without a net to fall onto either and even twirled on mid air with  just a rope around her neck… My explanation is nowhere near what she did, you just gotta go see it when you’re there.

Whenever we get tired, we just head back to the hotel room. Krispy Kreme is on the way back to the room, so we end the night with a doughnut and a Coke, oh my! What a vacation!

To think we just came from a full meal or a buffet even.

Check out our review on some of the restaurants we ate at during this trip like Lotus of Siam, Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars, Ping Pang Pong Dimsum Restaurant at Gold Coast Casino, Firefly Tapas, Studio B at M Resort and many more. I also had the occasional margarita on some nights, woohoo!!!

We also tried Adventuredome, this pink dome at Circus Circus Hotel that houses all the rides for the kids. Boy, is that place huge. Lots of rides. Even a roller coaster.

I feel like there are not enough rides for the tots though. So my daughter was only able to ride the carousel. I would recommend Adventuredome for the 5 and up.

They also have a Dora the Explorer 4D show, but we run out of time so we’ll try it next time.

This vacation had the right combination of kiddie activities, long afternoon naps, shopping, and eating.

In case you haven’t taken the kids to see the swimming mermaid inside this huge aquarium, you should. It’s a must add on your list of free things to do in Vegas with kids.






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