DisneyLive Three Classic Fairy Tales at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles

We were at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood over the weekend. No it wasn’t for the Oscars but to see Disney Live: Classic Fairy Tales with our two princesses who tried to stay behave all week in anticipation for the show.

Garb in Belle and Sophia the First costume, the two felt like a princess and was uber excited especially big sister. And they are not the only ones, we’ve never seen that many mini Disney princesses before, not even from years of watching Disney on Ice. Think of all the Disney Princess you can think of and there’s a mini version of it there, all excited to watch Disney Live.

After we got in, parked our stroller in a designated area(they give us a ticket), and use the toilet. There’s no way to avoid the Disney Live merchandise booth. All bright and fun, Disney toys and another booth selling popcorn and sno-cone drinks and lemonades in Disney cups, you just wanna buy everything. The products are similar to a Disney on Ice show. We have quite a collection of tumblers that serves as souvenirs from all the Disney shows we’ve seen.

The whole Disney Live show was approximately 2 hours long including a 15 minute intermission. You’ll see 3 classic fairy tales: Snow White, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. Though squeeze in a two hour show, you’ll get the whole story and see a number of characters including the 7 dwarfs, Snow White and his Prince, and her evil Stepmother. Followed by Cinderella, her two stepsisters and her stepmother, and her Prince. And Belle, Gaston, the Beast and the towns people for Beauty and the Beast.

Besides the story, the kids will love hearing its movies’ famous score including I’m wishing from Snow White and Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast.

Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy were also present to help tell the tale and came out in between tales.

Don’t miss Disney Live: Three Classic Fairy Tales when it visits your city. The kids had a great time. The toddler didn’t watch all through out but had a fun time eating popcorn half way through and would look every time there’s a song.

It was another memorable Disney show for big sister and she is looking forward to seeing Disney on Ice Frozen coming to Los Angeles this December. Grab your Discount tickets to Disney on Ice Frozen Los Angeles, Anaheim, Ontario and Long Beach HERE.

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