Las Vegas Shopping in the Midst of Aquariums, Rock Formation & Animal Dioramas

After we saw the free mermaid attraction at the Silverton Hotel. We checked out Bass Pro Shops which was connected seamlessly to the hotel.

At first, I thought, what is there to see? I’m not into hunting or fishing gear. But the massive rock formation out in the front makes you wanna just check it out. And good thing we did, coz’ there’s so much to see inside.

This place has rock formations, aquariums, African animal dioramas, a gun range and archery range on site and so much more. They really brought the outside in, into this store.

This store spans two levels of camping gear, fishing equipment, boats, and all things outdoor-sy.

This place has all sorts of things that will make the not-into-camping (ME) wanna go camping. Or simply want to shop for this fish mailbox! Haha!

It’s a feast for the eyes. Not your typical big box store. From the architecture to the awesome cabin offices. There’s big fishes, lion jumping at you (thank God it’s not real).

An 18,000 gallon water feature simulating Red Rock Canyon’s beautiful rock formations is filled with spectacular live Koi.

Three additional aquariums at Bass Pro Shops feature trout, channel catfish, carp and bass and include a flowing canyon river featuring ducks, turtles, bluegills and sturgeon.

Now ain’t that a must-see while you’re in Vegas! Shopping in Vegas usually mean hoarding name brands at a discount at Outlet stores or going full blast high-end shopping at the posh hotels, but I’m glad I got to go into this store.


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