20 Useful Things to Pack for a Hotel Stay

It seems like our family spends a quarter of our lives staying at hotels. Over the years, we’ve figured out what we really need to make it a comfortable hotel stay. Depending on where we’re going, we make sure we have our hotel packing essentials. Check our list of 20 Useful Things to Pack for a Hotel Stay.

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1. Antibacterial Wipes or Baby Wipes – Stay sanitized and wipe down the TV remote, nightstands and light switches. These are breeding grounds for germs usually not cleaned by housekeeping.

2. Laundry Bag – Let’s not mix those clean & dirty clothes (especially wet from the pool that didn’t dry enough). Get a drawstring laundry bag or a backpack laundry bag that’s perfect if you’re going on a long trip and will be needing to do laundry on site, like a vacation to Disney World.

3. Portable Travel Iron – We’ve had bad experiences using the hotel’s iron where it stained our clothes so we bring our own. This portable iron steamer is lightweight and easy to use.

4. Ziplock Bags (various sizes) – Handy for packing toys and snacks to bring to the hotel room but most importantly put the TV remote in one so you don’t get any germs while using it.

5. Directional Sensor Night Light – Works great as a night light for those bathroom trips when everyone’s asleep and you don’t know the layout of the room when it’s pitch black. It’s also directional so you can face it to the ground or against a wall to use as ambient lighting.

6. Sleep Mask – Make sure to bring a sleep mask in case those curtains do not close all the way and you’re planning to sleep in.

7. Binder Clip – Have these handy so you can clip and close the curtains tightly where they meet together. Don’t ever again have a curtain “peek-a-boo” surprise from the light outside the window that wakes you up in the morning.

8. Earplugs – Are the walls too thin? Are your neighbors making too much noise? Get these earplugs to find your quiet time.

9. Travel Slippers – Bring these so your feet don’t touch the dirty carpet.

10. Long cable phone charger – More often than not, the hotel outlets are not really where they should be so we bring long cable phone chargers to make sure we can be in bed and easily access our phones while it’s charging.

11. Your own toiletries in travel bottles – If you prefer to bring your own shampoo or soap and dislike hotel toiletries, you’ll want to bring your own placed in travel bottles. These travel bottles are easily refillable and are TSA approved so you can place them in your carry-on bag if you’re flying.

12. Hanging Toiletry Bag – Every so often there’s not enough counter space in our hotel bathroom to put our things, especially with kids. We now pack this hanging toiletry bag to keep my make-up, medicine, and toiletries hanged. Since we travel a lot, I also use it at home and hang it in the closet where it’s ready to go when we have impromptu trips.

13. Bubble Bath – When we stay in the nicer resorts where there’s a separate bath from the shower, there’s never really a bubble bath or even bath salts. To fully enjoy it, we bring our own. The kids like the bath bombs with surprise toy.

14. Universal Plug Adapter – If you’re traveling to another country, especially Europe, make sure to bring a Universal Plug Adapter so you can charge your phone or whatever it is you need to plug.

15. Snacks and Drinks – Save money by bringing your own snacks and drinks versus buying from the hotel. We bring a bagful coz’ the kids love to snack especially after a dip in the pool.

16. Travel-size Air Purifier – If you have allergies, bring a mini air purifier to reduce possible odor or smoke from your hotel room.

17. Separate Extra Duffel Bag – If you love shopping whenever you travel, I would suggest bringing a foldable duffel bag in case you end up going home with more things than your luggage can allot.

18. Travel Router – Some hotels only allow one device to be active per room unless you’re willing to pay an extra fee. This travel router acts as one device where you can connect multiple devices.

19. HDMI cable – If you want to watch something from your laptop to the hotel’s TV, bring an HDMI cable especially when you’re traveling with kids and you’re unsure if their favorite show will be on TV.

20. Hair Dryer – If you’re the type who can’t leave the house without drying or styling their hair, make sure to bring your own travel hair dryer in case the hotel doesn’t have one. You can also bring a mini flat iron and curling iron in one.



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