Our Experience at the Build A Bear Workshop Newly Imagined Store

I would like to share with you guys our experience at the newly-imagined Build A Bear Workshop store at Del Amo Mall in Torrance. We were invited to the Grand Opening and had a blast meeting Bearemy(the store’s mascot), trying out the interactive store and personalizing our bear.
bearemy mascot

The store is totally cool & interactive. Before, it’s pick your bear, stuff it, then pick their attire. Now there are different stations to personalized your bear.. Or bunny.. Or whichever cuddly item you choose. There’s even a bear that’s asthma & allergy friendly.



There were over 30 stuffed.. Or I guess I should say un-stuff animal to choose from. My daughter picked her bear. And I wanted the bunny. We went ahead and started using the different stations to personalize our bear.


First stop, The Love Me station: we got to customize our “red satin heart” that gets stuff inside the bear. Name, age, personality- like fun, brave, smart. All done in an interactive touch screen. Swipe.. Swipe.. It’s like playing with a giant tablet. My daughter loves it.


Then at the Hear Me station: We recorded my daughter’s voice. She said I love you to her sister, she said I love you daddy, I love you mommy( I told her too, hihi). The recorded chip gets stuff in her bear, when you press it.. it talks.  There are tons of other music & sounds to choose from if you choose not to record your own voice. There’s Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen but I wish they’ll add Bruno Mars songs though.



Then it’s time to fluff the bear at the Fluff Me station. Here’s my daughter stepping on it.. To fluff her bear. Then she went to give her bear a bath(my favorite part). It features a digital bath tub that recognizes the items as they are placed on it and reacts with sensory effects such as virtual bubbles that appear when play soap is placed on the “water surface.” So Cute!!!



Then we named our bear at the Name Me station to create a one-of-a-kind birth certificate.


Then it’s time to pick  the costume. There are tons available. From Disney princess to Hello Kitty. Sports team like Lakers or Dodgers. There’s also a whole wall of boys clothing. Which shoes? Which accessories?My daughter picked Rapunzel’s dress.




I encouraged you to check out a Build A Bear Workshop near you. It’s like having a date with your kid. And to have your kids cute young voice recorded and place inside a bear is awesome. We’re gonna get the bunny when our second one can finally talk so we can record her voice too. I also look forward to bringing nieces & nephews their bears or taking them to the store. I’ll be the best aunt ever!!! HaHa!