Ping Pang Pong: Las Vegas Dimsum Spot

Looking for a Dimsum restaurant in Las Vegas? Have you tried Ping Pong Pong yet?

This Las Vegas dim sum restaurant is tucked inside Gold Coast Casino.

I love Ping Pang Pong’s dim sum coz there’s more variety here than other dim sum places that we frequent in Chinatown, both in LA and Vegas. Quality and taste wise, it’s spot on.

In no particular order, here are some of what we ate:

Shrimp Ball on Bell Pepper.

Coconut Bun with a Sticky Smear on Top. Love it!

Chinese Doughnut with Red Bean. There are 3 pieces per order. My companion has fast hands.


Shrimp Ball on Tofu.

Vegetables on tofu. I like the mushroom they use here.

Pork BBQ on Puff Pastry.

Egg Tart, they have two kinds. This is the Portuguese egg tart where the top is caramelized. I’ve ordered the other type before where it’s not caramelized. And it’s just as good. The crust is perfect too.

I love this milk custard. I’ll order this again when I go back. It’s light inside like a souffle.

I also like their fishball curry. Although I’m into anything curry. So you’d have to be into curries to like this.

The hubby liked their spicy tripe. I thought it had an after taste. I guess tripe is not my thing.

When you get there, there’s always a line even before it opens. You’d think buffets in Vegas are the only ones with a line but this one has it too. So try to get there early.

2018 update: Ping Pang Pong has undergone some renovation. We didn’t like our dinner when we went. We haven’t tried their dim sum since they underwent renovation. Hope it is still just as good as I remember it.




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