Access Legoland’s Back Entrance through Sheraton Carlsbad

Looking for a hotel near Legoland California? How about one with access to Legoland’s back entrance? Yes! You can access Legoland through the back door if you stay at Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa. We’ve stayed at both Legoland Hotel and Legoland Castle Hotel but if it is fully booked, then its Sheraton Legoland for us.

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We stayed at Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa for 2 nights during a 2-night weekend trip to Legoland California. We promised big sis’ a Legoland trip if she scored her spelling test perfectly. The first-grader perfected it and off we went last weekend. Her teacher hasn’t given us her paper yet but we’ll take her word for it. LOL.


We wanted to try out Sheraton Carlsbad because we wanted to be able to just walk to Legoland or head back to the hotel quickly should the toddler need her nap.

From the hotel’s porte-cochere to Legoland’s back entrance, it’s about a 5-minute walk. It had a  downhill slope to it so going to Legoland was easy. Heading back is another story but there’s a way around it.

On our first day, we parked at the basement of the hotel and brought a stroller to Legoland. The trip back to the hotel proved to be hard on me after a full day of walking at Legoland as it had a slight uphill slope to it.

I highly recommend moving your car as close to Legoland’s back entrance as much as you can so your walk will be even shorter. That would be the bigger open parking space in front of the hotel. Second day’s trip back to the hotel was not a problem when we did this.

Legoland’s back entrance will lead you to Legoland’s Castle Hill area or The Hideaways to be exact.

The Hideaways is this 2-storey play structure where kids can climb, slide, cross and swing around on ropes, ladders and more! If it doesn’t sound familiar, just outside it is Granny’s Apple Fries.

That’s exactly what I got right when we got in while the hubby went left to buy bbq at Knight’s Smokehouse BBQ which I highly recommend as well on your trip to Legoland. More stories about that tomorrow.

Sheraton Carlsbad is very clean. The grounds are lush and well kept. The hallways smell great and the room is luxurious.

A 24hr heated pool and jacuzzi are there for you to take advantage off anytime whether you’re staying there because of Legoland or just staying for some rest and relaxation.

The pool is massive that you won’t have problems with it getting crowded at all. Even the jacuzzi is huge.

And should you want to workout, their fitness center is huge as well. You just need your room keycard to access the gym.


Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa only has 1 restaurant but it’s available for breakfast, lunch and dinner and drinks as well. There’s an indoor dining area, an outdoor one (terrace) and a bar.

We weren’t able to try it during this trip to tell you how the food was, but maybe in another time.


There’s also a marketplace adjacent to the hotel’s reception area. There’s snacks, coffee, ice cream and more.

The path to Legoland’s back entrance has ramps so don’t worry about bringing your strollers. The crowd to get in is also not as crazy versus coming in from the parking lot of Legoland itself. There were about 15 families on our second day going in at 10AM.

We had a really good sleep at Sheraton Carlsbad. There’s a mini-fridge for the kid’s milk and a coffee machine with Starbucks coffee for me.

The room is also equipped with a flat-screen TV, a safe box, iron and iron board, and a closet.

A full size mirror is near the room door. There’s enough working space for business travelers and a balcony to see the coast and feel the breeze.

The bathroom was very clean as well with a huge vanity counter that I really appreciated. We tend to bring so many things during out trip.


Overall, we had an amazing sleep and a great experience going to Legoland through this hotel and would stay here again. The only bummer is I wasn’t able to try their spa. I wanted to go during the 3rd day just before we check out but I didn’t know they are close on a Monday. You’ve been warned, plan accordingly. A massage is needed after a full day at Legoland. Haha.


Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa is located in 5480 Grand Pacific Drive, Carlsbad, CA, 92008, United States.



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