Torrance Weekend Getaway Guide

Torrance Weekend Getaway Guide – Torrance is located in the South Bay of Los Angeles. In Torrance, you will find the third largest mall in America, a beautiful yet uncrowded beach, and tons of restaurants & bakeries any foodie should take their palate to.

Our Torrance Weekend Getaway Guide is a list of Torrance Hotels, Torrance Restaurants to Try, and Fun Things to Do in Torrance to help guide you when looking for a weekend getaway destination near LA.

disclosure: Thanks to Torrance for sponsoring this post. All suggestions, opinions, and itinerary are our own.


You’d wanna travel somewhere safe and Torrance is consistently ranked among the safest cities in Los Angeles County with its low crime rate.

We called this place home for the last decade until moving out over a year ago due to work. We still visit every month to attend birthdays, point to the kids the hospital where they were born (or where I had my long and painful labor, LOL) and where we used to live (so they don’t forget), and to try new restaurants and revisit old favorites.

We must have tried every hotel there is in town and cannot eat fast enough to try all the new restaurants that are sprouting left and right. Not that I’m complaining.

If shopping is your thing, Torrance has one of the biggest malls in America – Del Amo Fashion Center, and the biggest Costco in LA County.

Torrance is perfect for those who travel to shop, eat, and also want to visit the beach but besides being a great weekend getaway destination, it’s also one of the cities with really good schools and good hospitals so if you’re looking to move, you may wanna consider Torrance.


Torrance is a mere 20-30 minutes drive down south of Los Angeles Airport. It can be accessed through both the 405 and the 110 freeway. It is about 20 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles and though it may take decades before we see its completion – the Metro Green Line already has plans to extend to Torrance which will connect Orange County to the South Bay.


Torrance Marriott

Located next to one of the biggest malls in America, Torrance Marriott is perfectly situated for those who wish to shop, eat and relax. It has an indoor/outdoor pool, an amazing lawn with a mini herb garden, hammocks, a life-size game of chess and Connect 4 and lounge chairs all around.

There’s also Starbucks at the newly renovated lobby and 21 Square Bar +Kitchen where you can grab drinks and meals. And if you’re looking for a hotel with a view, just step out of the balcony of your hotel room and see Torrance from the top. The city lights shouldn’t be missed. Tip: do ask for a room facing the South for a better view.

Other Torrance Hotels: Miyako Hybrid Hotel (post to follow), Residence Inn by Marriott, or check HERE for more suggestions by Discover Torrance.


din tai fung torrance

Din Tai Fung Torrance

Known for having long lines due to their popular Xiao Long Bao or those steamed dumplings with soup inside, we gave Din Tai Fung a try for the very first time. It is located inside Del Amo Fashion Center and opens at 10 AM. We arrive just a little past opening time and were lucky to get seated immediately.

The verdict – not your typical Chinese restaurant that is pack with flavor due to MSG. At Din Tai Fung, everything is very light yet refreshing. Check out the open kitchen in the front to see the dumpling making action and do try their sticky rice and pork shaomai dipped in chilly sauce, beef noodle soup and end your meal with chocolate dumplings. I personally love their fried rice from the pork chop fried rice and my sea salt iced green tea drink.

ise-shima torrance

Ise-Shima at Miyako Hotel

I’ve always passed by Ise-Shima after a massage and hot stone spa at Relaken Spa or whenever we stay at Miyako Hotel but have only been inside this restaurant during this trip. I didn’t realize how big it was. Since we were celebrating 10 years of marriage, we came here for an anniversary date (with the kids). A personal favorite – their crispy rice spicy tuna and really fresh sashimi.

King’s Hawaiian Bakery

Known for its sweet bread since 1950, King’s Hawaiian moved to Torrance in 1977 from Hilo, Hawaii and it is only in Torrance that you can try their full-service restaurant and bakery that offers more than your favorite sweet rolls. Enjoy some loco-moco and their famous french toast and other Hawaiian local food and traditional American dishes along with fresh baked goods and cakes like our favorite Paradise Cheesecake and Dobash Cake. Dining with the kids? Ask to be seated near the aquarium.

Torrance Bakery

Family-owned and operating since 1984, Torrance Bakery is located in Downtown Torrance and is worth the drive for their chocolate chews and our recent discovery – maple pecan chews! They also have a sandwich shop and it is also at Torrance Bakery where we ordered our beautiful wedding cake.

Foster’s Freeze

The Old Torrance location of Foster’s Freeze has been in operation in its original building since 1947 and is a landmark structure. Grab some ice cream, sundaes, or shakes. A new favorite of mine – Pineapple Malt Shake!

Other Torrance Restaurants to Try: Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, Cho Dang Tofu House, Gaetano’s Restaurant, or check HERE for more suggestions by Discover Torrance.


del amo mall torrance

Del Amo Fashion Center

One of the biggest malls in America has undergone a lot of renovations and now houses more brands and restaurants than ever before. I used to walk the kids to sleep in their stroller when they were babies from one end to the other of the mall. Now, you can even enjoy a quick break at the Del Amo Fashion Center new kids play area that they added last year.

For lunch, visit the Del Amo Mall Food Court or one of the bigger sit-down restaurants like Din Tai Fung, Stacked, and Lucille’s Bbq. We never leave without a trip to Disney Store and Build-a-Bear Workshop. I do wish they bring back the National Moms Night Out event though at the outdoor promenade.

Since the mall is really big, I would suggest checking the map before going. They are many blocks long and has multiple parking lots (both indoor and outdoor). You can start at Nordstrom for the newer side (North side), Lazy Dog restaurant and AMC theater if you want to be at the outdoor promenade (East Side, the food court is in the middle, and the kids’ play area can be found near Jo-ann’s on the South side.

Tip: Go to the Disney Store early for a chance to open the store with the giant key and get a souvenir Disney key.

Wilson Park – Torrance Farmer’s Market and Annenberg Tree House

If you’re looking to do a morning run while on vacation, either go to Torrance Beach or walk the loop around Wilson Park. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, there’s a Farmer’s Market at the park. Try those yummy pupusas, kettle popcorn and enjoy fresh produce, cheese, honey, and more.

The kids can also ride the Southern California Live Steamers every 1st Sunday of the month from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm or 3rd Saturday from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

The first universally accessible treehouse in a public space in California – Annenberg Treehouse, is located at Wilson Park. The treehouse, a 2,500 square foot wooden structure, was designed to give children and adults of all ages and physical abilities an awe-inspiring experience.

Visit Torrance High

Torrance is not only known for having really good schools but Torrance High (founded in 1917) itself is a popular filming location for television and motion picture production. It is most widely known for its appearance in high-profile television shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Los Arboles/Rocketship Park

The best park with a view in LA! Visit Rocketship Park in Torrance to see the entire South Bay including the Pacific Ocean and have the kids go up the 4-level rocketship (installed in 1964) with a long, fast, metal slide that is best for older kids. Nearby, there’s a metal replica of a lunar module, with firefighter poles, ladders, and controls. Also, the old play structure has been replaced with new ones. Kids can come to play and adults can enjoy the view! Win-win!

Torrance Beach

Take the family to Torrance Beach and enjoy this less crowded South Bay beach. It is the start or end(depending on where you start) of the 22-mile long Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail that connects Santa Monica down to Torrance.

Torrance Beach has a local nickname of RAT Beach which stands for various things like Right At Torrance, Right After Torrance, Redondo and Torrance, etc.

Torrance Beach has a nice large parking lot, safe graded ramps to the beach, lifeguards, access to a long bike path, and nice facilities. It starts at Miramar Park on the north end and extends to a cove at the south. The parking lot is along Paseo De La Playa from Calle Miramar to Via Riviera.

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Visit the Spa

There are 3 spas I frequent in Torrance. Relaken Spa, Burke Williams, and Du Bunne Spa. You may want to try any of the 3 when you visit Torrance. All 3 offers impeccable service, and a clean and relaxing atmostphere. I love the Hot Stone Spa at Relaken Spa, the huge jacuzzi at Burke Williams and the Mango Scrub at Du Bunne Spa.

du bunne spa torrance

Other Fun Things to do in Torrance: See the Military Exhibit during Armed Forces Day Parade, play at Silly Goose Playground, Tour the Western Museum of Flight, visit South Coast Botanic Garden, schedule a Torrance Fire Station Tour, and/or go on a Free Tour of the Toyota Museum.

Speaking of Toyota, we drove to Torrance on a 2017 Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum and I may have fallen in love with it. Besides the stylish exterior, the panoramic moonroof is love! It’s also nice that it already came with  5 USB ports for charging on the go and a navigation screen with a 360-degree camera to help me with parking (I’m so bad at parking, LOL). I would suggest going for a test drive to see all that the Highlander has to offer. There’s a ton of trunk space for our luggage and you can also opt to open just the trunk window if you’re trying to pull something quick. Thanks Toyota for keeping us safe and comfy on the road as we explore Torrance once again. Trivia: Toyota’s 110acre headquarters has been in Torrance since 1957 until it moved this year to consolidate its operations in Texas.

We hope you visit Torrance soon. Leave your comments if you have questions about our Torrance Weekend Getaway Guide. Check more ideas HERE for your future visit to Torrance.


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